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Duologic Technologies is working in the embedded and software technology space.  Our experience spans many areas including but not limited to IoT, Software Development, Quality Assurance, Custom Application Design, Implementation and Mobile Apps.


We engage with companies to help simplify and automate tasks by providing customised services in technology related areas. We understand requirements and work with frontline staff and management for achieving higher efficiency within the organisation. We collaborate with companies to provide them solutions that help collect data, filter relevant information and track various processes like quality control, inventory and production. These embedded and software solutions reduce manual errors, help improve operational efficiency and thereby reducing the time and cost of production.


Our Vision

Providing simple technology solutions to customers for enhancing their business.

Our Mission

Duologic aims to provide highly reliable solutions to our customers. We will ensure that are applications are easy to use. Giving our customers the satisfaction of a using a reliable product. This will help us building long, trusting relationships with our customers